Feel Free With Yoga Bodysuits

Yoga Bodysuit Jun 16, 2019

Feel Free With Yoga Bodysuits

Yoga Bodysuits & The Past

Yoga bodysuits take their inspiration from different elements of our past. The style is similar to that we have seen in ballet or a classic swimsuit. However, the culture that a one-piece has had such an impact on can best be compared to more recent times when everybody and anybody wanted to join in and follow the fad.

Let’s take a trip back to theback the 70’s and 80’s when leotards were all the rave. Luminous coloured leotards and legwarmers swept across the globe in gyms and media including TV and magazines. Aerobics and fitness became stylish with fitness glam outfits designed in vibrant colours representing states like sunny Miami only too well.   

These bodysuits boasted bright patterns, latex, and even elastic belts. The popularity of aerobics and dance themed on television shows and movies, such as Fame, and Staying Alive creating a dancewear fashion craze. Leotards, legwarmers, and headbands were soon being worn on the streets and could be found in everyone’s wardrobe.

Yoga Bodysuits New Look

Bodysuit for your practice
Yoga Bodysuits New Look

Now a new modern version of the popular workout attire is back with a totally different environment, music and culture.  

With earthy and neutral tones, the yoga bodysuit is a lot more subtle than its predecessor and instead of dancing around to breakdowns and beats, fluid movements occur with tranquil background music.

These one-piece bodysuits can have a tight fit or a baggier look – depending on your preference, with long pants, short pants or cut like a high-rise bathing suit. They can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, backless or multi-strapped.

With bodysuits, you can say goodbye to tops falling down the wrong way, or pants falling down past your knees revealing more than you would like to in the middle of a pose.  All the biggest brands are keeping up with the trend and we are here to show you which are some of the best yoga bodysuits you can get.

Lululemon Yoga Bodysuit

Lululemon The Easy Bodysuit for Yoga
Lululemon The Easy Bodysuit

If you are looking for a bodysuit that is comfortable and made from the best fabrics to prevent sweat, then Lululemon’s The Easy Bodysuit is the one for you. Inspired by ballet, this bodysuit gives you light support.

The convertible straps can be worn crisscrossed or straight on your back. Lightweight, buttery-soft Nulu fabric absorbs sweat (or what the industry calls “wicking”) and stretches with your every move, and the thong back gives you a seamless look under your tights.

Manduka Hot Yoga Bodysuit

The Manduka SoLite Hot Yoga Bodysuit is perfect for Hot Yoga or any other type of yoga. It is priced higher, however, not too much higher than buying a good sports bra, yoga top and yoga pants separately.

This bodysuit has extra wicking to better manage moisture. The ultra-light fabric made from Micro Nylon Knit creates a breathable surface.

The bareback, crisscrossed strapped one-piece suit is so snug that no matter how hot you get during yoga, you can still do your poses comfortably.

Alo Yoga Bodysuit

Alo Yoga keeps its audience in mind when designing the perfect bodysuit. With high style and great quality clothing, the brand keeps its yogis happy with the Siren Unitard.

This black unitard with a delicate lace design on the legs and top and a fun cut-out detail on the back uplifts the bodysuit from a standard piece to one of a kind.

Alo Yoga designed this bodysuit to enhance a woman’s beautiful body and embrace a touch of glam while you practice.

Multiple Use Yoga Bodysuit

Once you buy a bodysuit, you will find yourself wearing them more and more – just like the leotard trend a few decades ago -they are so comfortable and addictive!

Yogis have boasted wearing them for practice, lounging at home and even underneath their work clothes during those cold winter days. There are so many variations out there that you can find one (or maybe a few) that fit perfectly to your needs. Let us know which one you got by adding to the comments box!

There are so many variations out there that you can find one (or maybe a few) that fit perfectly to your needs. Let us know which one you got by adding to the comments box!

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